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ER Series Brakes | Warner Electric

Dynamic Engagement Brakes

This brake must be engaged while the shaft is in motion. Shaft speed should be 100 RPM or greater when the brake is engaged. This style brake offers a bulkhead flange mounting system, the highest torque rating offered by Warner Electric in the power released series, high cycle rate capability, and excellent life.


  • Expands the electrically released product family with two larger sizes
  • Designed for dynamic stopping operations
  • High cycle rate capability
  • Inside or outside mount options for 475 or 650 sizes
  • Normal or heavy duty options available in larger sizes
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  • p-8590-we


  • ER-825, ER-1225 with Pin Drive Armatures for KONE Inc. Install & Operating

ER and FB Type Brakes Troubleshooting

Heavy Duty or Spline Drive ER Brake Installation Video

Normal Duty ER Brake Installation Video

ER Series Brakes