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CBTB Brakes

CBTB Brakes

High Dissipating Motor Brakes

For Dual-Drive E-Vehicles

The CBTB family of electomagnetic axle brakes are specifically for use on electric powered, dual-drive such as counter-balance trucks vehicles with capacities generally up to 8 tons (17,900 lbs.). It is also suitable for single motor drive.

These advanced high-speed, high-torque brakes provide reliable emergency and parking brake functionality and allow for increased maximum vehicle speed and improved productivity.

The integration of proprietary non-stick friction material within a superior brake design ensures very high energy dissipation and low wear throughout the life of the vehicle.

The CBTB is designed for vehicles that require the narrowest foot print. It is installed between both wheel motors on the load bearing axle. When engaged, its double-disc arrangement allows the brake to act on both motors simultaneously.

An optional dual-stage functionality is available to provide better control of the torque by applying 50% or 100% of the brake torque capacity. It also prevents flat surface damage to tires that often occurs when wheels lock up during an abrupt emergency stop.

  • High-torque, high-speed within a compact space envelope
  • Proprietary dry friction material enables implementation of ElectroMagnetic brakes versus hydraulically-actuated and wet brake technologies, removing then the risk of oil leaks.
  • Optional camshaft hand release lever is available

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