Warner D2750

The D2750 Accel/Decel control provides soft starting and stopping to full torque. This control allows for adjustment of the acceleration and deceleration time ramps to achieve a repeatable soft start or stop, while still allowing the clutch or brake to reach full torque.

    • PLC compatible, Arc Suppression
    • Operates one or two coils (Dual Channel), incorporating an anti-overlap circuit
    • Soft-start and soft-stop
    • Meets RI Logo and cRI Logo certification
    • Standard DIN rail mount
    • Line Input: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Output: 90VDC, with adjustable 0-2 second time ramps
    • Current Rating: 1.0 amp
    • Dimensions: 2.76” H, 3.94” W, 5.28” D

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