Series 56P Multi-Disc Brakes


Stationary Cylinder for Wet or Dry Operation

Series 56P spring-applied pressure-released brakes are designed for dynamic braking with oil in the discpack chamber, and can also be used dry as holding brakes. They are engaged by disc springs and disengaged by a pressure supply to the cylinder which moves the piston axially, compressing the disc springs and releasing the plates. The hub is usually fitted to the end of the shaft which is being braked.

    • Spring-applied, ensuring automatic braking in the event of a power failure
    • With all working parts being enclosed, the break is suitable for external mounting, even in unfavorable environments
    • Provision is made for a through flow of cooling oil to give greater heat dissipation
    • External mounting to shaft ends facilitates retro-fitting to existing machinery
    • The end plate can be bored to suit through-shaft installations
    • Multi-disc design results in compact high-torque brake
    • Only the hub in inner plates rotates, minimizing rotational inertia
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