5H/55H/55H-PSP Tooth Clutches

Matrix 5H/55H/55H-PSP Tooth Clutches

Matrix 5H, 55H and 55H-PSP, pressure-applied tooth clutches offer positive drive connections for high torque wet and dry applications. Clutches do not require adjustment. Units are self-contained; no axial thrusts are transmitted to adjacent components.

  • Shielded bearings
  • Torques variable by regulating the supply pressure
  • Plate separation springs on multi-disc clutches ensures low drag torque
  • Positive no-slip drive on tooth clutches
  • Controlled concentricities on the P pilot mount versions
    • 5H Series features a bearing supported drive flange for connection to a variety of drive connections
    • 55H Series features a double bearing supported pilot, provided to allow a variety of drive connections
    • 55H-PSP Series has the additional feature of single position engagement, the driven member is always accurately synchronized
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