4H/54H-P Multi-Disc Dry Clutches

4H/54H-P Multi-Disc Dry Clutches

Stationary Cylinder for Dry Operation

Series 4H pressure-applied stationary cylinder multi-disc clutches are designed for dry use. Pressure supply feeds into cylinder via a flexible tube. Piston and cylinder sub-assembly mounts on shielded ball bearings. Positive disengagement achieved by use of release springs between inner plates. Standard drive rings available as optional extras.

Series 54H-P clutches developed from series 4H clutches, incorporate a pilot mount. Pilot mount with the drive ring integral is supported on an extended hub by a rigid shielded double bearing assembly. Pulleys, sprockets and other drive components can fit directly to pilot mount, which has a tolerenced spigot diameter for location and tapped fixing holes. By using a suitable adaptor, a flexible coupling can fit to the pilot mount, connecting co-axial shafts which are beyond the alignment limits of series 4H clutches.


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