SF Series Bell Housing Clutch

SF Series Bell Housing Clutch

Electrically operated PTO Bell housing clutches provide safer and easier remote operation for industrial applications.

Based on a growing industry need for a more advanced clutching solution, this line of recently developed IoT-capable electric PTO clutches can be conveniently operated from a remote-control panel, tablet, or cell phone. The electrically powered clutches require no hydraulic pumps, cylinders and hoses and no air compressors to operate, making it significantly safer and easier to operate in isolated locations.

Bell housing PTO clutches are utilized in a wide range of industrial markets, including agriculture, marine, oil & gas, forestry, mining, construction, and rail. The clutches are needed to engage and disengage diesel- or gas-powered engines from driven equipment, including pumps, augers, blowers, compressors, transfer cases, and winches.


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