Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

MPB/MPC Series | POB/PO Series | PMC Series | PHC-R Series

These power applied, self-contained, electromagnetic particle clutches and brakes are ideal for a wide range of unwind/rewind applications and operate smoothly at very low speeds. Our Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes are extremely versatile; offering either shaft or flange mounting, and an extremely wide torque range from 2 through 578 lb.ft., with fan cooling available in larger sizes. The torque to current is almost linear and can very quickly and accurately provide perfectly controlled, jerk-free engagement at a speed that it entirely customer-controlled. Magnetic Particle Brakes are compact and offer a high torque to size ratio and low consumption of electric power. They also have no wearing parts because there are no friction surfaces to grab or wear and they’re not affected by changes in atmospheric or other environmental conditions. This brake and clutch series is ideal for applications that require tension control, load simulation, cycling/indexing, and soft starts and stops and has off the shelf availability in industry standard sizes.


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