E720 VAR00

Warner E720 Tooth Brake
    • Electrically released - 103,5/48 VDC or 207/103,5 VDC, depending on size
    • Toothed operated brake
    • Activated by spring pressure
    • Braking of a pulley or a hub in position
    • Braking has to be made at standstill or at very low speed, in case of doubt consult the factory
    • For wet or dry operation
    • This device works with two voltages: one for disengagement,one for position maintain
    • Positive braking for drive without slipping
    • Standard available for random operation
    • Option : detection disc allows the braking position to be validated
    • Verify position of tooth “Q” prior to installation
    • No wear adjustment required
    Mounting Precautions
    • Device intended for horizontal or vertical use
    • The customers mounting method must take into account the axial thrust

    Power Supply CBC 140-5

    • Overexcitation delay: 0,5 s (size 50) to 2 s (size 12800)
Size: Compact Brake (40-200mm)
Product Performance: Static/Holding Only
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