CBTB Brake

CBTB Brakes

High Dissipating Motor Brakes for Dual-Drive E-Vehicles with up to 8 ton (17,900 lb) Capacities.

The CBTB family of electromagnetic axle brakes are advanced high-speed, high-torque brakes designed to provide reliable emergency and parking brake functionality while allowing for increased maximum vehicle speed and improved productivity. The CBTB brake is designed to be installed between both wheel motors on the load bearing axle, fitting even the narrowest of vehicle footprints. When engaged, this double-disc arrangement allows the brake to simultaneously act on both motors. Pair it with optional dual-stage functionality to provide better torque control and prevent the surface damage to tires that occurs during abrupt stops. Enhanced with Warner’s proprietary non-stick friction material, the CBTB Brake ensures very high energy dissipation and low wear throughout the life of the vehicle.

Key Markets

Farm & Agriculture
Forklift truck & Electric Vehicle
Speciality Vehicle Market
Size Product Performance
Compact Brake (40-200mm) Dynamic Use (Heavy)
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.