FB Series Brakes

Warner FB Series Brakes

Permanent Magnet Brakes

Frequent cycling applications which regularly engage the brake to stop a moving load call for FB or ER models. Frequent cycling keeps working surfaces burnished and operating at top efficiency. The convenience of power off braking combines with stopping capability in the event of power failure to provide the ideal brake for many applications.

FB Series (Shaft Mounted)

FB Series permanent magnet brakes are offered as off-the-shelf, preassem bled packages in three sizes. Packaged products are easy to install.

    • Designed for dynamic stopping operations
    • Brake automatically engages when power is turned off
    • High cycle rate capability
    • Never needs adjustment – automatically compensates for wear
    • Mounting flexibility
    • Powerful permanent magnets
    • Segmented armature design provides high heat dissipation and long service life.
    • Complete controllability for soft stops.
    • UL listed
Size: Large Brake (>200mm)
Product Performance: Dynamic Use (Heavy)
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