Encapsulated Coils

Warner Encapsulated Coils

To protect your coil assembly from moisture, corrosive chemicals, vibration and other hard working conditions, any Warner Electric freestanding or bobbin wound coil can be encapsulated with tough and high temperature resistant thermoplastics.

Additional advantages of this superior protection include improved insulation properties and dielectric strength plus maximum structural integrity and impact resistance in all environments. For many applications, reduced assembly operations are also made possible by encapsulating the coil in a unitized package complete with structural components.

Retractable pin mold technology enables Warner Electric to provide waterproof (IP-65 and IP-69) overmolded coil assemblies.


    Primary operations include:

    • KANBAN and JIT systems are 100% deployed with customers and suppliers
    • Computer controlled head multi-spindle bobbin coil winders
    • Fly head winders for free-standing coils, computer controlled offering resistance bonding capability
    • Welded lead wire and magnet wire termination using programmable control technology
    • Bobbin pinning and terminal insertion
    • 30 to 150 ton vertical injection molding machines for insert molding as well as encapsulation
    • Automatic cutting, stripping and termination of lead wires
    • Impregnation processing for leak-proof product
    • Conventional and retractable pin molding
    • Proprietary wire sizing
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