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DL Series Clutch Brake | Warner Electric

The DuraLIFE series clutch (DL-33) is an electromechanical wrap spring clutch which combines high torque, reliability and rapid acceleration into one small package at a very competitive cost.

Wrap spring technology allows for very fast response to bring loads up to speeds in less than 3 milliseconds (after spring wrap-down and depending on rpm). The DL-33 exceeds industry life requirements with little cycle-to-cycle variation.

The DL-33 is a drop-in alternative for high cost clutches used in office automation applications such as printers and copiers. The long life and reliable performance makes the DL-33 an ideal clutch for many packaging and automotive applications.

Product Features

  • Available in two configurations: headed coil or flying leads
  • Wrap spring technology
  • High torque, small package
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Consistent performance
  • Low wattage required
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Product Catalog

  • (A4) Wrap spring Clutches & Brakes (Europe)

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Dl Series Clutch Brake