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Warner Electric proudly exhibits its technological leadership in Air Conditioning Compressor, Supercharger Air Pump, and Accessory Drive Clutch Design with World Clutch.

The new WORLD CLUTCH combines light weight, high torque and small size with simplicity of design. Its new Unidamp armature is a striking departure from conventional designs and it offers features unavailable in any other clutch.

Product Features

Most clutches lose efficiency as friction surfaces wear and airgap increases. World Clutch's Unidamp armature compensates for wear so it can maintain a constant airgap for consistent performance.

"Autogapping" wear adjustment means a World Clutch will keep on operating long after others have worn out-up to 2 to 3 times longer, based on lab tests.

Thousands of lab test hours and over one million test miles without a single failure prove World Clutch durability.

World Clutch provides the highest torque per diameter, per clutch weight with minimal power consumption.

Unidamp armature of Zytel‚* construction damps on-off engagement "click." Quietest clutch ever.

Compressor seizures frequently result in armature slippage, generating excessive heat, which can melt the rotor/pulley bearing ball cages and harden the bearing seals. The grease will then purge, leading to total bearing failure. With a failed rotor/pulley bearing, the belt idler function is gone and vehicles with a single serpentine belt become inoperable. Unidamp solves this problem by disengaging the armature before the "slip and burn" heat destroys the bearing. The drive belt system remains intact and the driver is not stranded.

Zytel is a registered trademark of DuPont Corp.


  • Available in 90 mm pulley pitch diameters and larger
  • Encapsulated Field for maximum coil protection.
  • Maximum pole density on rotor face promotes high torque. Sealed bearing.
  • Unidamp armature for long life, consistent performance, thermal fuse properties, quiet operation.

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Accessory Drive Clutches