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The Warner H110 Series helical clutch is hydraulically operated, multi disc, and function under pressure.

The H110 is typically used in the following applications, conveyors, packaging equipment, food processing equipment, and material handling equipment.

Product Features

  • Coupling of a pulley or a hub
  • For wet use
  • Low residual torque
  • Shaft driven
  • Good gradually
  • None required, automatic wear compensation by piston movement
Mounting Precautions
  • Provide shaft seals in order to avoid loss of pressure
  • Device intended for horizontal use; for vertical use, please consult the factory
Power Supply
  • Filtered oil
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Product Catalog

  • (A4) European Clutches and Brakes Catalogue

Service Manual

  • Hydraulic Multidisc Clutch H 110 VAR00 Service Manual

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H110 Series Flange Mount Clutches