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There are applications where every single gram counts. XS Brakes have been designed with two key constraints in mind: optimize the torque level in the smallest space design and at the lightest weight. No compromises have been made between the performance of the brake, the extra low weight and the required space envelope to fit this brake in your application. XS Brakes are highly reliable, safety devices designed as statically engaged/disengaged holding brakes. These brakes provide low cycle rate stopping action in emergency situations.

Warner Electric approaches every application from the standpoint of finding the absolute best functional solution. The highest mounting flexibility is ensured thanks to the usage of fully customized adaptor flange. They are tailored to your application.

XS Brakes are particularly suited for application where very small space envelope and extra low weights are critical:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Others

Product Features

  • Smallest electrically spring-applied holding brakes
  • Suits space and weight constrained applications
  • High reliability, low cycle rate stopping action in case of emergency
  • Safety devices designed as statically engaged/disengaged holding brakes
  • Highest mounting flexibility with fully customized adaptor flange
  • Available in 24 V, torque range 15 to 500 mNm
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Warner Electric X-Small Brakes

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