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Spring-Operated Electrically Released ERX Brakes

The ERX Brake range is a pre-assembled safety Electromagnetic brake suitable for parking and emergency stop braking applications.

The ERX Brake can be adapted to different application requirements speed, energy or torque, thanks to 3 different friction materials.

Beside the braking main function, the ERX Brake can be chosen with multiple options such as hand-lever release, enclosure protection, contactless detection & redundancy or a combination of those.

Standard detection option, previously mechanical contact technology, is now contactless thanks to the new Warner Electric Sensor “WES”

Product Features

  • Compact design with torque from 5 to 75 Nm
  • Single or Double brake version
  • Very easy installation
  • Single voltage as standard
  • For dry use
  • Duty cycle : 100% energized
  • Indoor application
  • IP54 Option
  • Non-Stick friction material
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