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Altra Renewable Energy to champion green alternatives at WindEnergy Hamburg 2020

Altra Renewable Energy will be present at the first ever online WindEnergy Hamburg exhibition, displaying products and service solutions designed to maximise the reliability, performance and environmental benefits of wind turbine generators (WTG). Visitors will be able to connect with leading Altra Renewable Energy brands Svendborg Brakes, Stromag, Ameridrives, Warner Electric and Twiflex from 1st-4th December.

WindEnergy Hamburg is one of the largest global events dedicated to the onshore and offshore wind industry. To be held digitally for the first time this year, visitors will not only benefit from online access to exhibitors and experts during the show, but until the next event in 2022, thanks to a dedicated digital platform.

This year, Altra Renewable Energy will focus on its products that provide wind turbine OEMs and operators with a greener alternative. Green solutions on show are suitable for on- and offshore turbines, providing tangible environmental benefits while simultaneously extending service life and maximising efficiency.

Altra Renewable Energy is a global expert in the design, manufacture, installation and service of WTG yaw and rotor brakes, which will take the lead at the event. Both Stromag and Svendborg offer an extensive range of high performance yaw brakes to suit multiple sizes of WTG.

Applying its extensive knowledge regarding friction materials, Svendborg Brakes will also be showcasing its Green Alternative Brake Pads, which minimise harmful dust emissions. Developed in-house to comply with EU evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH) legislation, the pads are asbestos-free and contain less than 0.1% mercury, chromium 6+ and lead as well as less than 0.01% cadmium.

Maintenance of WTG yaw brakes, especially in offshore environments, is a challenging undertaking. Thankfully, the yaw brake lifting and installation tool from Svendborg Brakes cuts maintenance time in half, allowing the easy removal of callipers so that pads can be changed in-situ. A simple carriage assembly allows the positioning, raising and lowering of brakes – greatly expediting the work of maintenance engineers.

Another innovation is the yaw brake disc resurfacing tool. Ideal for refurbishing damaged or worn discs, the tool bolts directly onto the turbine machine frame, allowing a single axis CNC milling machine to renovate both sides of the disc.

Rotor brakes from Stromag, Svendborg Brakes and Twiflex will be available for viewing, with a wide range of braking forces up to 130,000 Nm. An expert in electromagnetic braking technology, Warner Electric will focus on pitch and yaw motor brakes, with its range of PK brakes and the ERS VAR 11 electrically released calliper brake. Furthermore, Stromag provides both RL and RO-LO rotor locks to allow high torque connections between WTG main shafts and gearboxes.

Hydraulic power units (HPU) from both Svendborg Brakes and Twiflex offer exceptional reliability. Twiflex LCS Power Units are ideal for powering small calliper brakes, while Svendborg Brakes Power Units fit both direct drive and conventional WTGs.

Visitors to the Altra Renewable Energy digital profile can also view cooling systems for WTGs, which keep the nacelle at an optimum temperature during operation. Custom high speed/high torque Turboflex Wind couplings and shaft locking devices from Ameridrives will be featured too. Stromag will also highlight its range of limit switches for yaw and pitch drives.

Altra Renewable Energy backs its extensive range of products with global aftermarket support. An ability to design, manufacture and install custom components, assemblies and service equipment allows for repairs to be carried out quickly, maximising uptime and power output.

Support is also available to operators in terms of maintenance training, ensuring that key personnel can identify when to enact preventative measures. Altra Renewable Energy provides 24/7 global maintenance and technical guidance, to meet the needs of OEMs and WTG operators anytime, anywhere.

WindEnergy Hamburg takes place from the 1st-4th December 2020. To find out more, visit

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