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Warner Electric XS and WR Series Brakes for Industrial Robots

A stepping motor manufacturer located in Germany needed braking solutions for use on 6-axis industrial robots. The brakes are mounted directly to the back of the various electric stepper motors to provide static holding of the robot arm in the precise positions required for small component assembly.

The motor OEM contacted Warner Electric based on its reputation for superior braking application knowledge and advanced braking technologies. Warner engineers, working closely with the OEM’s team, recommended an XSB X-Small electrically-released, spring-set brake for installation on the very small 6th axis motor that rotates the tip of the robot’s arm.

The Model XSB33S supplied weighed only 90 g with a torque rating of 35 Ncm. The compact brake is smaller than competitor models and was modified for reduced noise to meet the customers acceptable levels. All units feature a customized adaptor flange to accomodate individual customer-specific mounting requirements. The brakes provide low cycle rate stopping action in emergency situations.

Extremely compact Model WR220 and WR225 spring-applied, electrically-released brakes were supplied for use on the robot’s 5 other axis motors. These highly reliable models are specifically designed as statically engaged/disengaged holding brakes.

Warner Electric XS and WR Series Brakes


  • Electrically-released, spring-set holding brakes
  • Statically engaged/disengaged
  • Optimized torque levels in the smallest space at the lightest weight
  • Modified for low-noise operation
  • Compact sizes fit small envelopes

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