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Warner Custom SFM VAR Series Clutches for Order Picking/Dispensing Conveyor Systems

A large European conveyor OEM needed a reliable clutch solution for its custom-designed automated order picking/dispensing systems installed in warehouses and distribution centers. The multi-level, high-speed systems can pick 7,500 cases per hour. Each system features multiple buffer lanes of roller conveyors that utilize a stopper bar to hold items in queue.

Clutches are installed on the electric motors that raise and lower the stopper bars on each lane to release individual items in the correct sequence, onto the palletizer feed conveyors to fill specific orders.

Working closely with the OEM, Warner Electric engineers designed custom SFM VAR11 electromagnetic, single-disc clutches with a torque rating of 20 Nm. Units featured a special hub to interface directly to the customer’s equipment.

Since the application was nearly static (40 rpm) with no or very low wear, special rotors were supplied without friction linings, which also reduced cost. The rotors were burnished to meet the required torque.

Custom SFM VAR Series Clutches


  • Modified electromagnetic, single-disc friction clutch
  • Nominal torque:
    14.7 lb.ft. (20 Nm)
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • No backlash

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