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Warner Electric and Twiflex Ltd to elevate braking options at Interlift 2017

Altra Industrial Motion Corporation will be well represented at Interlift this year, with both Warner Electric and Twiflex Ltd displaying innovative elevator braking solutions on stand. Interlift is one of the premier exhibitions regarding elevators, with the event gathering a wide range of industry players to display and discuss the latest developments in the industry. Interlift 2017 takes place at Messe Augsburg, Germany from the 17th – 20th October, with Warner Electric and Twiflex co-located on stand 7/7128 during the event. With experience in providing braking solutions since 1927 and 1946 respectively, both Warner Electric and Twiflex are uniquely positioned to offer specialised compact braking solutions to tackle specific elevator application challenges. This varied capability is reflected in the products highlighted on the stand, with each brand focusing on different elevator requirements.

Warner Electric’s products will be centered on elevators where minimising noise is important, such as in passenger lift and theatre applications. The low noise 2014/33/EU compliant ERS FENIX range will demonstrate this capability at the show, offering virtually maintenance-free, electrically released braking options for end users.


The FENIX range with manual release options will be available on stand, demonstrating their specialisation

The ERS FENIX range delivers a torque rating from 5Nm to 4600Nm in a compact package, with micro switches or contactless sensors and single or double voltage capability included as standard. A FENIX 09 and FENIX 08 with manual release option will be available on the stand, demonstrating their specialisation. The FENIX 09 is aimed at supporting gearless motors, operating as a double braking system to provide improved redundancy in emergency stop situations. Conversely, the FENIX 08 is designed for new build gear motors. The device can prevent car overspeed and unintended movement in an application. Attendees are encouraged to meet with Warner Electric representatives at the show for more information.

In addition, Warner Electric will be showcasing new material innovations that have been developed in-house by the business. A video explaining the benefits of the new friction material will be available for viewing by visitors to the stand.

Twiflex will be displaying an example of a modular brake solution for high-speed elevator drives. The brake range, which includes the type VKSD-FL on show, is already used in a number of high profile elevator projects for landmark buildings around the world.

Twiflex VKSD-FL

Twiflex will be highlighting new additions at the show, such as the VKSD-FL

Offering one of the largest ranges of industrial caliper disc brakes on the market, Twiflex will demonstrate the suitability of its units for the typical high cyclic duty of elevator applications. The VKSD spring-applied, hydraulically-released brake is designed to provide a 2 million cycle spring fatigue life and may be rated to deliver a nominal braking force of up to 119 kN. This compact, robust and industry-proven model meets the demands of high-speed drive applications: It may be configured with standard ‘dual-spring’ modules, a floating mounting arrangement (on display) and with increased pad area for high energy stopping duties (type “VR”).

A key advantage of the VKSD-FL (and the other modular calipers manufactured by Twiflex) is its user-friendly ‘parked off’ maintenance position. Once the brake is hydraulically released, the adjustment mechanism allows the spring pack to be extended to its free length so that, when the pressure is dropped once again, no stored energy is present in the unit. This feature allows risk-free setting, adjustment, maintenance and pad changes to take place, with standard hand tools and without the need to dismount the unit. This capability is of great benefit to an industry where access and space available for maintenance may be limited. Twiflex offers a full turnkey service for brakes, incorporating calipers, pedestals, mounting brackets, power units, discs and couplings. Furthermore, bespoke designs and customised units are available, offering customers the versatility to address any braking application.

Interlift 2017 takes place at Messe Augsburg, Germany from the 17th – 20th October. Both Warner Electric and Twiflex will be located in Hall 7/7128.

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