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Fenix 10 Brake | Warner Electric

Using friction material specifically developed for this application the FENIX 10 brake and its two friction discs provide a high torque level in limited space.

The list of options available and the possibility of customization guarantee the perfect fit of our brake in your installation.

Product Features

  • Compact design with torque from 200Nm up to 5000Nm
  • Single magnet and two friction disc
  • Low noise level through the life of the brake (<45db(a) out="" of="">
  • Speeds up to 3500rpm
  • Equipped with micro switch or proximity sensor
  • Nearly maintenance free (further information in our service manual)
  • Overexcitation (dual voltage) or single voltage
  • Customization on request
  • According to Norm Requirements (BGV-C1; DIN 56950-1; EN81-20/50, DGUV §17…)

Several options available such as hand release, dust cover, connectors, …

Click on image below to download pdf. To order hard copies of literature click here.

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