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ERD Series Brakes | Warner Electric

ERD Series brakes are designed to safely keep the load in position in the event of a power or motor failure, whether intentional or accidental.

By applying voltage to the ERD, an electromagnetic field is created which causes the armature plate to pull-in against helical compression springs, thus releasing the brake. When power is removed, the springs force the armature to compress the friction carrier against the mounting flange, thus stopping and holding the load. Fully dynamic friction material on the carrier allows for repeated braking cycles from full motor speed with no torque fade.

An optional manual release allows the operator to safely move the load even when no power is available.

Brakes are available in eight different sizes ranging from 3.3 inches to 9.9 inches in diameter with torque capacities from 4 to 220 lb.ft.

The Warner Electric line of electrically released, dynamic, spring-set brakes (ERD) offers a high-performance, cost effective solution for power-off load holding applications.

These brakes (ERD) are typically applied where dynamic stopping of the load is desired when the electrical power is either accidentally or intentionally removed. They may be applied in any dry environment where a dependable heavy duty braking action is required, with no residual torque in the disengaged position.

These units are typically mounted horizontally, but vertical installations are also acceptable.

The initial operating Air Gap is factory set with provisions for wear adjustment after dynamic use.

Product Features

  • Dynamic friction material can stop loads from motor speeds up to 3600 RPM.
  • Few moving parts means quiet operation.
  • Lead and asbestos free, dynamic friction material is suited for high cycle rates.
  • Variety of voltages available.
  • Simple DC control (or AC with available rectifiers).
  • Low power requirements for energy savings.
  • Bi-directional stopping capability.
  • Epoxy encapsulated coil for uniform heat transfer.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low inertia rotating parts.
  • Splined hub for quiet dependable operation.
  • Metric and inch standard bore sizes.
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Product Catalog

  • p-8589-we

Service Manual

  • ERD–Electrically Released Brakes Installation
  • ERD Size 005 to 035 & ERD Size 060 to 300 Service Manual
  • Electrically Release Brakes ERD & ERDD Service Manual
  • ERD Sizes 060 to 300 & ERDD Sizes 120 to 600 Service Manual

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Warner Electric ERD Brakes