Medical Market Solutions

In the precision-driven world of medical devices, reliable and efficient braking systems play a critical role in ensuring patient safety, operational effectiveness, and device longevity. Warner Electric, a global leader in electromagnetic clutch and brake technology, specializes in tailored brake solutions designed for the unique demands of medical applications such as MRI and CT scanners, X-ray and mammography machines, surgical robots, patient tables, and more.

Warner Electric provides medical OEMs with versatile brake and clutch solutions, ensuring consistent holding performance across diverse scanning machines for precise positioning and imaging. Our zero-backlash armature assembly delivers reliable and precise disengagement.

Electromagnetic Clutches
Electromagnetic Clutches
Model Type: SL/BSL/FL, SO/FO, SLB, SOB
  • In-line (Clutch-Coupling) or Parallel Shaft Mounting Option​
  • Zero-backlash armature and spring release for reliable, precise, and quiet disengagement​
  • Ideal for Medical Applications with wear-reducing friction for smooth and quiet operation​
  • Various bores, voltages, electrical connection, and optional power-on brake for easy integration
Static Spring-Applied Safety Brake
Static Spring-Applied Safety Brake
Model Type: FSB, FSBR, WR
  • Available in 12 different sizes -including imperial and metric options.​
  • Size starts with a 1.375” outer diameter and a .71” thickness.
  • Min/Max Diameter, from 1.375” to 3.50”​
  • Min/Max Thickness, from .71” to 2.00”
  • Advanced Friction Material with multiple choices for optimized high static torque vs dynamic braking​
  • Quiet solution with rattle, friction, and on-off noise reduction (Ideal for medical)​
  • Various mounting options (Magnet vs Flange) and reduced length models, down to .55” thickness​
  • High Environmental Protection and manual-release brakes are available.
Miniature Spring-Applied Brake
Miniature Spring-Applied Brake
Model Type: XSB
  • 6 sizes with .866”, .1.142” and .1.299” diameter and 2 available lengths, short - Less than .95” [24mm], down to .73” [18.5mm] thickness and long Less than 1.05” [26.5mm], down to .90” [23mm] thickness​
  • Lightweight design where every gram counts​
  • Very low power consumption , down to 1W, and limited heat created by the brake.​
  • Unique be spoke spring solution patented to miniaturize more and more, down to .5” diameter, high-torque solution, and to allow easy-direct encoder mount.
Electromagnetic Power-On Brake
Electromagnetic Power-On Brake
Model Type: FB
  • Available in 9 different sizes -including imperial and metric options.​
  • Sizes start with .905” outer diameter for 2.5 lb torque.​
  • Zero-backlash armature and spring release for reliable stopping, precise positioning, and quiet disengagement​
  • Ideal for Medical Applications with wear retarding friction options​
  • Optional hub with various bores for braking on a shaft or for braking directly on a pulley
Permanent Magnet Brake
Permanent Magnet Brake
Model Type: ER
  • Hold Specific vertical, horizontal, and pivot movements during device set up
  • Shear force specification to act directly to linear movements such as rail or plate
  • Modular concept with different braking forces to meet the machine's various holding requirement
  • No power (Off) required, failed-safe
Servo Motor
Servo Motor Brake
Model Type: SMB
  • Toleranced recesses for bearings and encoders
  • Customized geometry for space-critical applications​
  • Adapter plates to mount on smaller PCDs and larger
  • Lead length, color, type and connectors
  • Low/Zero backlash
  • Operating voltage
  • Reduced power consumption options
  • Double disc, 2x torque option
Decades of Experience
Warner Electric has spent decades working directly with OEM customers to design modified-standard and completely customized battery-powered braking and clutch-brake solutions. This expertise, coupled with our global footprint and production ramp-up capability, puts us in a unique position to deliver the solution and performance you need quickly and affordably.
Safety / Quality
Engineered for Excellence: Adhering to rigorous safety and quality control standards, Warner Electric clutches and brakes ensure continuous excellence in medical applications. Enhance your engineering endeavors with our precision-crafted solutions to elevate performance and reliability.
Offering custom-tailored but also cost-effective solutions, our products are engineered for the medical industry. Designed for quiet operation and to meet the specific needs of tight spaces, you can seamlessly integrate these products into your existing machine footprints. standards. Elevate your projects with our precision-engineered solutions that cater to your exact standards.
Proven Expertise
Reliable and Proven: Our field-tested, standardized, and engineered solutions are the gold standard in the medical industry. Our offerings are backed by extensive testing and provide a proven pathway to efficiency and excellence, ensuring a reliable foundation for your healthcare operations.
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.