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Food & Beverage

Warner Electric offers a wide range of food and beverage solutions including, clutch/brake modules, enclosed washdown, UniModules, washdown Electro Packs, wrap spring clutches, and stainless steel clutches and brakes, sensors and switches. Many of these products are specifically designed for use in food processing conveyor and equipment applications including, meat & poultry, bottling & capping, bakery & snacks, dairy, candy and canned goods. Warner Electric’s magnetic capping headsets are commonly found on beverage and dairy processing lines around the world. Warner’s unique Smooth Torque Technology eliminates over tightened caps, that can cause a major reduction in variation of removal torque.

Bakery and Snack Goods Applications

Bakery & Snacks

Bottling and Capping Applications

Bottling & Capping

Candy and Confectionary Applications

Candy & Confectionary

Canned Goods Applications

Canned Goods

Dairy Applications


Fruits and Vegetables Applications

Fruits & Vegetables

Meat and Poultry Applications

Meat & Poultry