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Efficient, Safe, High-Performance AGV Brakes

Work Smarter, Safer and Longer with Warner Electric AGV Braking Solutions

The worldwide demand for AGVs of all types, including towing “tuggers”, fork and pallet trucks, and assembly line transporters continues to expand at a rapid pace. Companies face increasingly tight labor markets and faster delivery requirements with the explosive growth of eCommerce. AGV OEMs are challenged to design and deliver new battery-powered autonomous vehicles that meet customer expectations for increased battery life, reliability and safety.

Rely on Extensive Electric Vehicle Application Experience

Warner Electric is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electromagnetic brakes, sensors and controls for battery powered AGVs, working with more than 30 top OEMs in the forklift truck and aerial lift market and Tier 1 manufacturers (motor/gear boxes) around the world.

Many of these customers have begun to rely on the highly experienced Warner Electric engineering team for proven, customized solutions for brakes, controls, sensors, software and navigation technologies to meet specific OEM performance and installation requirements on their AGV applications.

Efficient, compact Warner Electric braking solutions are designed to fit in extremely limited spaces and are optimized for minimum power draw. Proprietary technologies analyze magnetic properties of the brake, brake interfaces and surroundings.

Improve AGV performance and reduce downtime with advanced monitoring and "smart" control technologies.

Whether a modified standard product or a complete custom system solution, Warner Electric provides complete sales and engineering support to customers around the world, from the very first concept to the detailed planning, design variation phase, and commissioning.

Proven AGV System Solutions from Warner Electric

PK Brake


The Original PK Brake… High torque in a compact space envelope
  • Installed on more than 500,000 forklift trucks and aerial platforms in the field
  • More than 30 key OEMs have adopted this solution since 2010
  • Manufactured globally

The Very Thin (PK) range is a pre-assembled on/ off dry electromagnetic brake. This brake is used for parking and emergency as well as some service braking. The AC motor is used in combination with the PK brake for regenerative braking of the vehicle.

The brake can be fitted with various friction materials, in addition to standard are also available a high torque and high energy materials depending on the application. The coil can be designed for single or dual voltage and pulse width modulation power supply to reduce power consumption and maintenance.

The benefits of this cost-competitive range include:

  • One-piece design for easy assembly
  • Lower power consumption
  • Longer battery life
  • Overall lower maintenance costs
  • Multi-step braking versions available
  • Low profile space saving design
  • Dust cover option
  • IP20 standard & IP43 with optional dual cover and end cap
  • Available WES Sensor Option
  • Electronic controller CAN BUS ready
  • Outstanding W134 non-stick friction material
Compact Static Brake


Catalogue and thickness adaptive design for easy and flexible integration with parking brake functionality

Both our imperial and metric product ranges are pre-assembled spring applied, on/off dry electromagnetic brakes. Models are highly reliable with various compact sizes for static engagement.

Warner Electric recently extended their range offering with new sizes to be customized in term of thickness vs static torque to fit all kind of integrations, brake sizes are quickly customized to be directly integrated inside the vehicle drive casting, in front or at the back of the motor with possibility to directly mount any encoder/electronic devices.

  • 10 Catalogue Sizes with fixed diameter but different length/torque/input voltage available
  • Thin pro les down to 14mm, outer diameter down to 22mm
  • 0.05Nm to 8Nm torque range
  • Maximum inner diameter up to 48mm
  • Various mounting options as magnet, flange or rear mount
  • Optional direct encoder or other electronic devices with special location diameter and mounting hole(s)
  • Noise reduction
  • High quality corrosion protection, RoHs – Reach – CE - UL compliant
  • Noise reduction & energy saving in option
  • High quality corrosion protection, RoHs, Reach, CE compliant
Compact Precision Brake


The highest force-to-size ratio possible for servo integration with continuous duty, dynamic, high speed and temperature capabilities

Servo motor spring-applied, electromagnetically released brake series provide high torque at high working temperatures in small and non-ventilated space envelopes. The brakes feature stable and low backlash for extended life usage.

Design configuration is particularly suitable for traction/lifting axis using servo bldc motor with brake integrated close to the motor inside its frame or application requesting a specific braking distance or torque control, accurate positioning from 0 to 8000rpm.

  • 7 Standard Catalogue Sizes, compatible for most common servo motors frame size, power and speed
  • Custom-engineered solutions for space critical applications with variable diameter – length – torque – electrical performance
  • External Diameter from 32mm
  • 0.20 to 100 Nm torque range
  • Toleranced recesses for bearings and encoders
  • Low/Zero Backlash
  • Reduced Power Options
  • Lead length, colour, connector and orientation for easy electrical integration
  • Double disc, 2 x torque option, light weight, and small outer diameter

PK and WR brakes are available in enclosed designs featuring sealing levels and special coatings to meet extreme environment applications, including low temperature, presence of water, dust, high humidity, etc

Smart Brake


Flexible embedded controller features plug & play integration

Ideal for fleet management systems, particularly on AGV applications, provides access to the auto-diagnosis brake component. Brake can be become fully controlled and monitored when it is also equipped with the WES sensor (wear diagnosis).

  • Over-excitation control
  • AEC-Q100 ready
  • Accurate brake control and IOT feature add on
  • PNP Inputs/Outputs
  • CAN BUS ready
  • Various versions from 8VDC up to 400VAC
  • IP67 rated

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WES Monitoring


The WES contactless monitoring solution provides reliable detection of the smallest strokes, especially on spring-applied brakes. Made without sensitive mechanical parts, it greatly outperforms electromechanical solutions in functional safety and lifecycle expectancy. Additionally, this contactless monitoring solution reports state and wear information.

  • Compact design
  • Accurate sensing: Hysteresis < 0.05 mm over the full range of temperature
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 105°C
  • Three outputs available:
    • NPN type: with an integrated pull-up resistor that simplifies the integration in almost all PLC-based installations
    • NO/NC type: a highly isolated SSR relay that provides backward compatibility with almost all dry contact switches on the market (depending on voltage and current)
    • Analog ratiometric type: provides real time wear detection that measures brake air gap
Advanced Friction Materials


Altra engineers have developed a proprietary NON-STICK friction material specifically designed for cold room and outdoor environments with high moisture levels and wide temperature differentials.

Most standard friction materials tend to get sticky and loose their effectiveness in these cold, harsh conditions.

Altra’s new friction material has proven to retain stable torque in between static parking and high energy service and emergency stopping during rigorous climate chamber testing, endurance testing, and field testing.

A high performance grade friction material is also offered for more challenging applications.