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Warner Electric offers a broad selection of clutches to service air-conditioning systems on passenger cars, light trucks, vans, on highway trucks, agricultural equipment, and other specialty markets and equipment.

Principle of Operation

The modern air conditioning compressor clutch is an integral part of a completely automated temperature control system. The temperature within the vehicle is thermostatically controlled. When it rises above the preset level, a switch is closed, sending electrical current to the clutch coil. This current concentrates a strong magnetic attraction or "flux" around the coil. The flux jumps the air gap between the field and the rotor outer pole, where it encounters an air slot or "flux pole" in the rotor. The flux reaches out to similar slots in the armature, magnetically attracting the armature plate to the rotor and continues to pass through the armature/rotor flux poles, rotor inner pole and back to the field assembly. Once the continuously rotating rotor, which is belt driven by the engine, magnetically attracts the armature plate, which is keyed and fastened to the compressor shaft, the compressor is engaged and cools the vehicle interior through the air conditioning system.


    Long Life, Trouble Free Operation, Superior Performance
    Warner Electric air conditioning compressor clutches are designed specifically for the rigorous demands of vehicle operation - continuous duty, long service life, and harsh operating environment.

    Maximum Torque
    Superior magnetic circuit design and tight manufacturing tolerances offer the user 30% more torque than is available from other clutches on the market. More torque means less slip, less wear, and longer life. It also enhances the clutch's ability to continue to operate with grease and dirt on the clutch drive surfaces.

    Greater Bearing Life
    Bearing life is a critical element in Warner Electric clutch design. Clutches are tested under extremes of belt tension and temperature ranges and our bearings are tightly specified to maximum life. Warner Electric clutches are available with either regreasable or sealed bearings.

    Warner Electric maintains manufacturing quality standards which have earned accolades from major manufacturers - Chrysler's Pentastar Award, Ford's Q1, and Carrier Transicold's Certified Supplier.

    Easy Installation
    Mount the magnetic field to the compressor faceplate, position the rotor/armature assembly, fasten the retaining capscrew, and connect two wires - the clutch is installed. Once installed and operating, Warner Electric clutches require no adjustment or other maintenance.

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