BBC-II Clutch Brakes

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BBC-II Clutch/Brakes


Blade Brake Clutches (BBCs) are engaged by actuating the operator presence lever and pushing the blade engagement handle. This action rotates the ball ramp mechanism, causing three small internal springs inside of the clutch/brake to lift the brake plate clear of the friction disk, assuring drag free, quiet operation. As the brake plate is released from the friction disk, a heavy coil spring at the base of the unit pushes the friction disk against the rotating input hub which is bolted to the engine’s crankshaft. The clutch is then engaged and the blade rotates. Releasing the operator presence lever causes the loaded brake spring to rotate the ball ramp mechanism in the opposite direction, which forces the brake plate against the outer portion of the friction disk, releasing the clutch and braking the blade to a stop.

BBC-II clutch/brake allows motor to continue running while blade is stopped.  Cable operated, No adjustment, maintenance free.

    • Meets required ANSI/OPEI B71.1 standards
    • 2 second blade stop capability
    • Proven application through 7 HP / 21" blade diameters
    • Two piece subassembly for quick installation
    • Bolt which mounts hub to crankshaft is integral to unit
    • Available with integral key or keyway
    • Disassembles for ease of service
    • Heavy-duty for residential and commercial applications
    • Assembly/installation time dramatically reduced over competing designs
    • No adjustment required
    • Zinc/clear dichromate plating improves corrosion resistance
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