ERS Series Brakes

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ERS Series Brakes

Warner Electric ERS Brakes

Spring-set electrically released brakes designed to provide holding functions as well as dynamic stopping functions in emergency situations.

Although Warner Electric’s spring-set electrically released ERS Brakes are standard off-the-shelf ready-to-install units, they can also be easily modified. ERS brakes can be fully customized to accommodate a wide array of mounting configurations such as through bolt, tapped hole, or flange, and come in a variety of sizes to match any project requirements. If needed, additional ERS Brake modifications such as metric bores, special voltages, and specific torque ratings can be made upon request.

    • Standard off-the-shelf easy to install units with flexible mounting options
    • Space saving compact, low-profile design available in a variety of standard sizes
    • Can be fully customized to specific project specifications
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