Stainless Steel Clutches and Brakes

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Stainless Steel Clutches and Brakes


Caustic washdown solutions can cause corrosion and eventual failure in food processing applications such as meat and poultry. That's why Warner Electric developed a line of all stainless steel clutches and brakes. These units, featuring 400 series stainless steel bearings, are robust enough to handle the most hostile Washdown and tough enough to perform 24/7.


    MB/CM Series

    • Torque is set with a large knurled adjustment ring.
    • Infinite adjustability between minimum and maximum settings. This allows units to be fine tuned to your unique requirement.
    • Easy to read graduations. Torque is constant with respect to speed
    • By using the Precision Tork unit, you can solve almost any torque control problem.
    • Torque is extremely consistent and smooth at low, as well as high speeds.
      No external control or power source
    • Simple to install
    • Nothing to monitor
    • Unaffected by power interruption or power fluctuation
    • Safe to use Dependable performance
    • Smallest possible transition from static to dynamic torque. Virtually eliminates the “stick-slip” phenomenon associated with friction devices.
    • Long life. The only wearing parts are the ball bearings.
    • Extremely accurate. Precision Tork units out-perform all other devices at low RPM. Versatile mounting: Easy to retrofit
    • Clutches are available with hollow bores for mounting on motor shafts or jack shafts.
    • Bolt circles allow for fixed mounting, adding a pulley, or stub shaft adapters.
    • Brakes are available with solid shaft outputs.
    • Distributor item
    • Off the shelf availability.
    • Interchangeable with competitors’ products.
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