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Gearless Motor

Warner Electric

ERS VAR 15 Electrically Released Brakes


The ERS VAR 15, an electrically released safety brake with fixed magnets and a floating friction disc, is a highly modular braking system for gearless motors.

    • Redundant system in accordance with EN 81-20/50 when two or more magnets are used
    • Complies with Directive 2014/33/EU
    • Compact and modular design: From 2 up to 4 magnets in standard configuration
    • Torque Capacity in accordance with diameter of friction disc and number of magnets
    • Available with optional hand release
    • Low noise operation through the life of the brake
    • Very easy installation
    • Install directly on the drive housing or additional flange
    • Micro switch equipped
    • Nearly maintenance free (further information in our service manual)
    • Overexcitation (dual voltage) or single voltag
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.