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CBCx-001 Switch


The CBCx-001 power supply is an AC rectifier providing a time programmable Over-excitation voltage as well as an integrated On/Off switch.

This is particularly suitable to all Power-Off applications based on our well known Elevator Brakes, ERD or ERS brakes. The Over-excitation feature is automatically switching from a full bridge to a single wave rectification after a programmable time (from 50 ms up to 4 s). It can easily be disabled to convert your power supply in a Single or Double wave rectifier.

The On/Off Control allows this power supply to be driven directly thru an external PLC or control board. Thanks to its integrated PNP input,the power can be directly applied or removed without using any external Switches or Relays.

The DC power-off feature associated to the state of the art snubber design allows drastic reduction of the engagement time requested by most of the security related applications.

    • Input Voltage: 100 VAC to 500 VAC
    • Output: 90 VDC to 450 VDC
    • Max Current: 4 Amps @ 500 VAC
    • Over-Excitation: Integrated programmable timer (from 50 ms to 4s). No external resistors needed: integrated DIP switches. Selectable use: Enable / Disable.
    • On/Off Control: Integrated PNP Input (8 to 30 VDC). Can be disabled.
    • Shorter Response time DC setich off: Integrated back EMF suppression thanks to its over dimensioned suppression and snubber circuitry.
    • Certifications: CE, UL approved
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