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Fractional HP Clutches/Brakes | Warner Electric

Warner Electric clutches and brakes are designed to start and stop inertial loads when the voltage is turned on. When DC voltage is applied to the coil, the magnetic force caused by the magnetic flux pulls the armature across the air gap against the force of the zero-backlash spring attached to the armature. The mating of the armature and rotor face transmit torque.

When DC voltage is interrupted, the magnetic field collapses, and the zerobacklash spring retracts the armature from the rotor face. There is no residual torque produced.

SFPB Series

SFPB Series provides a clutch (SF) and brake (PB) combination for use with pulley or sprocket input. The clutch and brake are mounted back-to-back with a torque arm to provide for simplicity of mounting.

SFPBC Series

SFPBC Series provides a clutch coupling (SFC) and brake (PB) combination for coupling two in-line shafts. The clutch coupling and brake are mounted back-to-back with a torque arm to provide for simplicity of mounting.

Product Features

  • Precision centered sleeve and ball bearings for long life
  • Zero-backlash armature assembly providing a spring release for reliable and precise disengagement
  • Stationary field coil assembly means no slip rings or brushes.
  • All parts effectively protected against corrosion.
  • Asbestos-free friction material
  • Non-standard coil voltages available upon request
  • Metric bore sizes available upon request
  • Conforms to ROHS standards
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Product Catalog

  • Fractional HP Clutches/Brakes

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