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Basic Clutches and Brakes | Warner Electric

Basic brakes and clutches are user assembled from standard components for optimum performance in the smallest possible package size. A wide range of models and options are available, making them easily adaptable to any mounting requirement. Torque capacities range from 5 to 1350 lb. ft., with horsepower capability to 100 HP.

Product Features

Clutch/Brake Combinations

  • PCBC Series: Combines a PCC clutch coupling with a PB brake
  • SFPBC Series: Combines a SFC clutch coupling with a PB brake

Custom Design with off-the-shelf components

  • Maximum mounting versatility
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Assembled around the basic components of an electric clutch-brake, magnet and armature
  • Vast sizes, torque ratings and configurations
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Product Catalog

  • Basic Design Clutches/Brakes
  • (A4) European Clutches and Brakes Catalogue

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