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SmoothStart UniModules and Controls | Warner Electric

Warner Electric's Smooth-Start UniModules are specifically designed to provide consistent, smooth starting and stopping performance throughout their entire torque range between zero and maximum rated torque.

The ultimate in clutch/brake controllability can be achieved when Smooth-Start UniModules are used in conjunction with Warner Electric's CBC-300 clutch/brake control. Conveyor applications occasionally require more clutch torque to start the line, and less brake torque to stop the line. CBC-300 units feature two independently adjustable channels, allowing you to set the clutch and brake torque levels separately, and anywhere between zero and maximum rated torque. Once the torque levels are set, the CBC-300's circuitry supplies constant current, regardless of line voltage or operating environment, resulting in consistent torque cycle after cycle.

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Factory-assembled for easy installation
  • NEMA C-face compatible
  • Automatically adjust for wear
  • Fan-cooled
  • UL rated and CSA certified.
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Catalogue de produits

  • p-8586-we

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