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ERD HBF Electrically Released Bi-functional Brake | Warner Electric

The Electro-Release Bi-functional Brake (ERDHBF) is based on the Electro-Release Hydraulic amplified brake type ERDH. A low-magnetic moving armature is added between the armature and the friction disc assembly. The force generated by the hydraulic piston is applied directly to the armature. By monitoring the hydraulic pressure via a foot pedal or a lever handle, a hydraulic service brake combined with an electromagnetic failsafe brake is obtained. The major benefit is improved service braking force.

The ERDHBF is particularly suitable for demanding reach trucks, very high load capacity ride on trucks and counterbalance trucks

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Parking and stopping brake actuated by driver
  • Improved service braking
  • Torque capacities 20 to 150 Nm
  • Parking brake actuated by spring pressure
  • Service/Working brake actuated by foot pedal
  • For dry use
  • For vertical and horizontal use
  • No residual torque
  • Cable or hydraulic actuator
  • Complete range of adaptable hydraulic booster
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