18 enero 2017

Los embragues Warner Electric impulsan el desarrollo de las transmisiones híbridas

A medida que las reservas de combustibles fósiles continúan disminuyendo, los ingenieros se esfuerzan en perfeccionar transmisiones de potencia alternativas. Dados los numerosos inconvenientes de los sistemas enteramente eléctricos, en estos últimos años los sistemas híbridos han crecido en popularidad; actualmente se emplean en trenes, barcos, maquinaria agrícola e incluso en automóviles superdeportivos.

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04 agosto 2016

Altra Presents 2015 Safety Awards

Altra Industrial Motion considers safety one of its core values. We operate our facilities with the philosophy that keeping employees safe is a fundamental and critical component of doing business. Each year the Altra Safety Award program recognizes the Altra facilities with strong safety records.

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16 marzo 2015

Warner ERC100 Brake & CBCx Switch for Material Handling Crane/Manipulator Arm

A major material handling manipulator and crane OEM was looking for an “all-electric” brake solution for their multiple swivel arm product used worldwide on automotive and industrial assembly lines.

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10 noviembre 2014

Warner MB Series Permanent Magnet Brake for Plastic Bag Closure Extruder

The challenge of a Carolina manufacturer of plastic bag closures was to rewind the web of material consistently so that the closures could be used in packaging systems by their customers. For the product to work well in the end use packaging systems the roll of closures needed to be of a consistent wrap tightness and alignment.

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14 agosto 2014

Warner Electric SFC 1525 Clutch for Workboat Fire Pumps

A leading marine and industrial powertrain manufacturer required a clutch solution for a new remote PTO assembly for diesel engines. Most marine and industrial transmissions have one or more PTO locations which only utilize a fraction of the transmission’s capacity within limited space restrictions.

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