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CB10 Super Wrap Spring Clutch/Brake | Warner Electric

Warner Electric engineers developed the vertical-mount CB-10 Super wrap spring clutch/brake for use on airport baggage sorting conveyor diverter paddles which swing in and out of position to direct luggage to the proper carousels.

Características de los productos

  • Thrust bearing supports weight of input timing pulley
  • Oil reservoir wick
  • Two Teflon-coated input collar washers
  • Dual row spread needle bearings on input hub
  • Aircraft grade aluminum collar
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Catálogo de productos

  • Wrap Spring Clutches & Clutch/Brakes

Manual de mantenimiento

  • Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes CB & Super CB Series Service Manual
  • CB & Super CB Series CB-4 to CB-10 Installation

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