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Power Take Off Clutches | Warner Electric

Warner Electric Power-Take-Off clutches (PTO) and clutch/brakes provide a means for the operator of agricultural equipment to remotely control the operation of tractor powered implements or other mechanical systems. Grain Augers, for example, incorporate Warner Electric PTO clutches to provide a means to transmit or remove mechanical power from an internal combustion engine to the auger. In addition to this start/stop function many Warner Electric PTO clutches also incorporate a brake to hasten the stopping of rotating elements to increase safety.

Características de los productos

  • 81 Nm to 406 Nm of static clutch torque capacity
  • 1", 1 1/8", and 1 7/16" bore sizes standard
  • Numerous pulley and flange output options available
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Catálogo de productos

  • Clutch/Brakes for Lawn & Garden Equipment

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