WSC Series Clutch

WSC Series Clutch

WSC Series clutches are simple, mechanically actuated devices providing high torque in a compact design. Specific models are available for use as an overrunning/one-way clutch (Model O), as a start/coast-to-stop clutch (Model SS), or as a single revolution clutch (Model S).

Overrunning/One-Way (Model O)

This clutch continually drives the load. The load is allowed to overrun the input, should its speed exceed input speed. In the reverse direction the unit acts as a one-way clutch, preventing the load from backing up.

Start/Coast-To-Stop (Model SS)

The start/stop clutch is engaged until the collar that contains the spring tang is disengaged. Once it is stopped, the load is disengaged and coasts to a stop.

Start/Stop – Single Revolution (Model S)

Attaching one end of the spring to the output hub results in a single revolution clutch. The load is stopped through the spring to the collar. Precise non- cumulative error single revolution cycling is achieved. Braking torque equals 10% of the maximum torque rating.


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