PK Brake

PK (Very Thin) Brakes

Pre-assembled on/off dry electromagnetic safety brakes.

This compact electromagnetic safety brake serves various functions, including parking, emergency braking, and some service braking. Our PK (very thin) brakes are equipped with our exclusive nonstick friction materials. In addition to the standard setup, they can also be customized with high-energy materials to suit specific high torque applications. Featuring a variable torque manual release, this brake operates quietly, incorporates brake state detection, and comes in a convenient one-piece design for easy assembly. This electromagnetic brake range has low power consumption and extends battery life to reduce overall maintenance expenses.

Key Markets

Crane & Hoist
Farm & Agriculture
Forklift truck & Electric Vehicle
Material Handing
Outdoor Power Equipment
Speciality Vehicle Market
Autonomous Guided Vehicles
Size Product Performance
Compact Brake (40-200mm) Limited Estop/Wear Capable
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.