AP Warner XS Brakes for Aircraft Window Shades
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Warner XS Brakes for AIrcraft Window Shades

April 27, 2020
Aircraft Window Shades

A European motor manufacturer needed a very small, lightweight brake for integration into an electric window shade system for luxury business jets. The system allows passengers or crew to raise and lower shades on one or all windows simultaneously on the aircraft with a push of a button.

The brakes are mounted directly to the back of the electric motors to hold the window shades in the desired position. Since weight is always a key factor in aircraft design, the OEM wanted to provide it’s customer with the lightest shade system possible.

The motor OEM contacted Warner Electric for braking solution. Working very closely with the OEMs team, Warner engineers decided to develop a completely new brake range to meet the challenging reduced weight, size and electrical requirements.

The new Model XSB22S X-Small electrically-released, spring-set holding brake weighs less than 27 g with a static torque rating of 0.015 Nm and an operating noise level below 55 dBA. Samples and prototypes were delivered for testing and Aeronautic qualifications.

The XS range of statically engaged/disengaged holding brakes are more cost-effective, lighter and quieter than competitor permanent magnet brake solutions. XS brakes provide optimized torque levels in the smallest space at the lightest weight.

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