Warner Electric Modified FSBR Brakes for X-Ray Machines
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Warner Electric Modified FSBR Brakes for X-Ray Machines

March 26, 2020
Mobile X-Ray Machines


PROBLEM A medical imaging technology leader required an electric brake for its mobile X-Ray machines. The brakes are needed to provide reliable parking/holding functionality to ensure that the machine does not move during the imaging process. Two brakes are mounted directly to the cart’s twin rear-wheel traction drives.


Based on previous successful collaborations, the OEM contacted Warner Electric for a braking solution. After a review of the minimal space requirements, Warner engineers recommended the use of FSBR reverse mounted, spring applied brakes with a 30 in.lbs. static torque rating.

Low-profile, power-off FSBR brakes are designed specifically for applications with limited space (short axial length) or for motors with short shaft extensions. When mounted, the hub is installed on the motor shaft first, then the brake is installed over the hub and attached to the motor. The 2.4 in. dia. brakes supplied featured hex drive hubs and custom voltage coils.

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