AP Braking Solutions for Mammography Machines
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Braking Solutions for Mammograph Machines

February 10, 2020
Mammography Machines

A major global manufacturer of mammography systems contacted Altra Motion for braking solutions it needed for various applications within its machines. Altra worked closely with the OEMs engineering team to identify and confirm the torque requirements and space limitations of each different brake application. All the brakes required reliable holding performance throughout the machine to ensure accurate mammography imaging.

Based on the detailed analysis, three Matrix model 4PMB-055 permanent magnet brakes, with a static torque rating of 708 lb.in. (80 Nm), function as holding brakes on the machine’s main x-ray tube.

A Warner Electric model PB-250 flange mounted, power-on brake with a static torque rating of 70 lb.in. (7.9 Nm) was utilized as a holding brake on the machine’s compression section that holds and compresses the breast in different positions so images can be captured at various angles.

Model FB17 electromagnetic flange mounted, power-on brakes with a static torque rating of 15 lb.in. (1.69 Nm) from Inertia Dynamics were also supplied for use in the compression section.

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