Problem Solving Power Transmission Solutions
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Problem Solving Power Transmission Solutions

November 4, 2019
Altra Products for SPS 2019

Providing access to multiple brands under one umbrella, Altra focuses on delivering problem solving solutions that offer interoperability, reliability and performance.

Altra Industrial Motion Corp. will be displaying cutting edge power transmission solutions for the automation sector at SPS 2019. Representatives from leading brands Bauer Gear Motor, Huco Dynatork, Matrix, Stromag, Thomson and Warner Electric will all be present on throughout the show – highlighting products that directly address challenges currently facing operators of automated equipment.

SPS 2019 takes place from 26th – 28th November at Nuremburg Messe, Germany. Altra Industrial Motion will be available on Stand 3-270 during the event.

Providing access to multiple brands under one umbrella, Altra focuses on delivering problem solving solutions that offer interoperability, reliability and performance. With a global footprint, Altra has extensive experience in meeting the precise needs of the automation sector, actively developing specialised solutions in-house to provide operational advantages to its customers. Inherent flexibility built into each product range ensures solutions can be adapted to meet the unique needs of each individual system.

Innovation Corner

A new addition to the Altra stand this year is the Innovation Corner. This booth will showcase five new Warner Electric solutions that tackle existing engineering challenges surrounding electromagnetic brakes. Products include the energy efficient SSPB pulse brake; the W134 brake friction material which has been developed entirely in-house; the cost-effective IP66 FRCB brake for demanding outdoor applications; the Warner Electric Sensor (WES) for contactless, intelligent brake monitoring; and the compact CBTB high dissipating dry brake developed for electric vehicles. All are available to order now.

Bauer Gear Motor

Warner Innovation Corner

The innovation corner will showcase five new Warner Electric solutions that tackle existing engineering challenges surrounding electromagnetic brakes.

The move to industry 4.0 is demanding that all devices be integrated into unified machine control interfaces accessible anywhere within the plant. This allows operators to monitor and control devices with greater efficiency and flexibility, ensuring that assets are consistently offering optimal performance.

Bauer Gear Motor, has developed TorqueControl4.0, which makes it possible to integrate geared motors into the ‘Smart Factory’, allowing operators to digitally monitor torque and enable data mining.

Replacing mechanical overload protection, TorqueControl4.0 allows operators to set precise overload torque for individual applications electronically and manage performance thanks to adaptive load control. Its continuous load point monitoring capability can also improve a motor’s efficiency by up to 25%. TorqueControl4.0 can be seamlessly fitted to any mains powered Bauer geared motor, offering almost instant control and monitoring.

A live demonstration of a newly designed TorqueControl4.0 model will be operating under varying conditions throughout SPS, illustrating how the technology functions in a more real-life scenario.


Precise power transmission is all important for the accuracy of automated equipment. So for coupling manufacturers the challenge is to maintain precision and accuracy while also accommodating the small degrees of misalignment and backlash that will undoubtably occur.

Huco offers an extensive range of highly precise couplings to fit multiple requirements. The mainstay Oldham coupling is mechanically flex-free but offers substantial misalignment capability. Disc couplings and bellows couplings will also be featured. Hygienic universal joints are another area of expertise for Huco, with the business offering a full range of lubricant-free and contamination resistant models.

On the subject of hygienic applications, Huco’s range of air motors are quiet, energy saving and non-lubricated – ideal for sensitive environments.

A new service available to end users is Huco Direct, which offers customers next day delivery on over 85,000 precision couplings and accessories. Backed by the quality assurance of a leading OEM, Huco Direct enables reduced lead times to minimise equipment downtime or speed up prototyping.


Servo motor brakes for use in automated robotics, machine tools and medical devices must offer precision, compact design and low backlash and no machine downtime. Delivering an optimal braking force to size ratio is another prerequisite. Matrix has struck this balance with its Servo Motor Brakes (SMB) and Permanent Magnet Brakes (PMB).

By utilising magnetic flux optimisation, Matrix has ensured the SMB range offers an exceptional braking force to size ratio. To meet the braking requirements of robots and automated equipment, the SMB range can provide static holding for precise positioning and dynamic torque during sudden braking events. A special friction material developed in conjunction with leading brand, Svendborg Brakes, improves performance by accommodating the temperature and energy of braking more efficiently. The SMB range can also be specified to conform to popular motor sizes or adapted to deliver an entirely bespoke package.

Matrix has also recently extended their PMB range, offering a smaller braking solution down to less than 20mm in diameter. The new PMB range of Matrix offers an ideal alternative solution to SMB with free backlash and an even better size ratio.



Altra Industrial Motion Corp. will be displaying cutting edge power transmission solutions for the automation sector at SPS 2019.

Ensuring long term reliability for braking systems installed in coastal or marine areas is challenging. High levels of ingress protection is required to ensure salt and moisture cannot compromise brake performance. Work in the marine sector is usually heavy duty, so brakes must also be adapted for high torque applications.

Stromag’s High Performance (HPB) electromagnetic spring applied brakes offer an ingress protection rating of up to IP67 – ideal to resist marine conditions. Designed to meet the braking requirements of wind turbines, winches, hoists and cranes – the HPB offers a torque range between 80 to 5000 Nm within a compact package. A modular design ensures plenty of configuration options for users.

Demonstrated alongside the HPB on stand will be Stromag’s Light Cam M Geared Cam Limit Switch with an externally driven absolute encoder. The device has been specifically designed for use in cranes, wind turbines and heavy-duty applications.


The advent of Industry 4.0 is pushing manufacturers to produce ‘smarter’ machines and devices. This trend applies to linear actuators, with operators demanding increased monitoring and control capabilities to enable precise control of position and movement. With linear actuators utilised for lifting and moving in applications as varied as warehouses, off-highway vehicles, aircraft and doors – OEMs are looking to specify the next generation of smart actuators.

The Electrak HD from Thomson, a business with 70 years of experience in motion control, is a smart actuator designed for the latest operational requirements. Able to carry loads up to 16 kN, the Electrak HD features on-board electronics that eliminate the need for an external controller. The actuator has full monitoring capabilities, CAN bus integration and actuator synchronisation options. Actuator synchronisation is suited to heavy duty applications with a potential for imbalanced load, where any number of actuators can work in harmony to deliver optimised control.

Visitors to the Thomson area will also be able to see ball and lead screws, linear bearings and guides as well as linear actuators and related accessories. Each product range will have physical examples on stand for viewing, with Thomson representatives also available to impart technical knowledge.

Warner Electric

Increased focus on technologies such as autonomous vehicles is bringing the function of electromagnetic brakes to the fore. Specifying an optimum electromagnetic brake can deliver performance, reliability and efficiency benefits – which is why Warner Electric will be displaying innovative solutions designed to address real-world problems experienced by users. New innovations from the brand can be viewed at the Innovation Corner during the event.

In some braking applications, offering the maximum possible weight and thickness saving while ensuring performance is the most important aspect. To meet this market demand, Warner Electric offers the X-Small brake and WR brake. The X-small brake is one of the smallest spring-set holding brakes on the market. Regularly used in the aerospace sector, the X-Small brake offers increased cost-effectiveness compared to permanent magnet equivalents. The WR brake covers demand for larger brakes, providing high flexibility in term of thickness and mounting adaptation to deliver the optimal integrated braking solution. This also allows space saving for the full drive systems that can be found inside joint/arm of a Cobot or a wheel drive of an autonomous robot.

Not all electromagnetic braking requirements are the same, which is why Warner Electric offers the versatile ERX range. Available in standard, high-torque or high-speed specifications with a vast range of available sizes and additional options. Offering superior performance for stopping and parking applications, Warner Electric also provides an easy-to-use configurator to specify an optimum brake.

The power transmission industry leader

Altra Industrial Motion provides a global network of manufacturing, service and distribution centres matched with local points of contact for a superior service. A focus on developing innovative power transmission products and engineered systems that tackle the everyday application challenges faced by users ensures solutions that provide performance, reliability and value. This allows the leading brands of Altra to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of the automation sector. To learn more, meet with Altra at SPS.

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