AP Warner SFC-1525 for Draw Bridge Backup Drives
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Warner SFC-1525 for Draw Bridge Backup Drives

September 30, 2019
SFC-1525 Clutch Coupling and Draw Bridge Backup Drives

The U.S. 31 bridge that spans the Grand River in Grand Haven, Michigan recently underwent a major rehabilitation, including new mechanical and electrical components. The bridge is one of the busiest in the state with more than 60,000 vehicle crossings on an average day, and 120,000 crossings during summer holiday weekends.

Built in 1958, the double leaf bascule bridge had undergone previous piecemeal updates. However, it began to experience more serious malfunctions, including getting locked in the open position, that caused large traffic delays.

As part of the rehabilitation, the bridge’s backup drives were also upgraded. Warner Electric supplied new SFC Series electric clutch couplings that are installed on the backup drive shafts. The clutch couplings allow the backup drives to engage in case there are any future problems with the main motor drives.

The SFC-1525 bearing-mounted electric clutch couplings provided have a 700 ft.lbs. (949 Nm) static torque rating and a max. speed of 2,000 rpm.

Rugged SFC Series clutch couplings are ideal for use in adverse environmental conditions. Units feature a splined hub and adaptor that serve as a coupling for in-line shaft mounting applications.

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