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Modified Model PK35 Brake for Aerial Boom Lifts

November 19, 2018
Aerial Boom Lifts

Ashwoods, a leading European electric motor manufacturer, needed a custom brake solution for use on a new line of aerial boom lifts. The motor/brake assembly, developed for one of its transmission OEMs, was designed to combine with a gearbox and sold as a complete drive package to a major aerial platform lift manufacturer. Multiple compact wheel drive assemblies are installed on the two- or four-wheel drive boom lift vehicles. The brake provides parking and emergency functionality.

The challenge was that Ashwoods’ motors rotate at up to 8,000 RPM, much faster than competitor units. A robust brake friction material was needed to handle the high-speed motors. After discussing the application requirements with several brake manufacturers, Ashwoods partnered with Warner Electric.

While the other brake OEMs could not offer a solution, Warner Electric engineers took on the challenge and designed a standard compact, PK (Very Thin) Series electrically-released brake that incorporated a custom high-coefficient friction material. The PK 35 units supplied featured a static torque rating of 75 Nm (55.3 lb.ft.).

Single-piece PK brakes are pre-assembled on/off, dry safety electromagnetic brakes used for parking and emergency only. The brake’s custom friction material and powerful coil combine to optimize torque in a low-profile package particularly suitable for multiple drive configurations such as boom lifts.

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