AP Magnetic Particle Brake for Labeling Machine
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Magnetic Particle Brake for Labeling Machine

February 8, 2016
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An Australian manufacturer of sealing products needed to improve the line speed and quality in their packaging area. Their existing labeling equipment used a simple weight and strap to provide tension on the unwinding spool of labels that are applied to each can of product. The variation of tension and the surface abrasion of the strap caused slow operating speeds and created less than desirable label quality.

A Warner Electric MPB70 (Magnetic Particle Brake) and a manually adjustable power supply were incorporated to upgrade the system and improve label quality. The shaft-mounted MPB brake provides superior unwind tension control while eliminating abrasion damage to the labels. The new tension brake solution will enable the customer to increase the packaging line speed.

MPB brakes are completely packaged and enclosed. Zinc dichromate plating is applied to all steel surfaces. Units feature extremely long-life spherical magnetic particles. The brakes are easy to install and provide clean operation. The 90-volt MPB70 brake supplied has a torque rating of 70 lb.in. and a maximum speed of 1,000 RPM.

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