AP Brakes for Theater Stage Lift System
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Brake for Theater Stage Lift Systems

January 4, 2016
Theater Stage

One of the world’s largest and most prestigious stage equipment manufacturers needed a reliable braking solution for use on a series of stage lifts at a new theater. The lifts quickly raise and lower large, heavy podiums and scenery sets from beneath sections of the stage floor.

Typically, the high loads and speeds associated with this application would require large brakes which generate louder noise levels and have increased reaction times and stopping distances. However, application requirements specified redundant braking systems for static and emergency stops be installed on each lift section with no audible noise when braking.

To meet the challenge, Warner Electric supplied compact ERS FENIX 09 electrically-released brakes specifically designed for elevator/lift applications. Failsafe FENIX brakes provide redundant static and emergency stopping functionality in accordance with EN 81-1+A3. Two dual-function brakes were installed on each stage section lift drive for added redundancy.

FENIX 09 brakes feature dual magnets and discs, very low noise levels, fast response times, and low dynamic friction/torque tolerances. The modified standard FENIX 09 brake models supplied included high-energy friction linings typically used on heavy-duty industrial crane applications. Manual releases were also installed on all units.

Warner Electric engineers conducted application-specific tests to ensure that the brakes provided the required energy absorption capacity with sufficient reserves. The tests also confirmed that the proposed vertical installation posed no concerns and that very low braking noise was maintained over long operating times.

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