SFC 1525 Clutch for Workboat Fire Pumps
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SFC 1525 Clutch for Workboat Fire Pumps

August 14, 2014
Workboat Fire Pumps

A leading marine and industrial powertrain manufacturer required a clutch solution for a new remote PTO assembly for diesel engines. Most marine and industrial transmissions have one or more PTO locations which only utilize a fraction of the transmission’s capacity within limited space restrictions.

The Warner Electric SFC-1525 clutch was chosen for the new PTO assembly, which is driven from the front of the crankshaft on larger diesel engines. The SFC-1525 stationary field clutch was selected due to it’s size and design, it’s remote electrical activation and Warner Electric’s reputation for cost-effective reliability. The complete shaft-mounted assembly consists of an SFC-1525 clutch (with splined hub and adaptor and taper lock bushings), a torque limiter, a coupling and bearings.

The PTO assembly is designed for oil and gas industry workboats, tugboats, supply boats and dredging equipment which typically require 300 HP to 500 HP hydraulic and fire pumps. The new assembly negates the need for an extra engine to drive these large capacity pumps as many of these boats get refitted with more fuel efficient engines. The clutch can be engaged in about a second while getting another engine up to speed would take much longer... a critical advantage when activating a fire pump.

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